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What Type of Drill Bits are Best for Wood?

What Type of Drill Bits are Best for Wood

Sometimes we have the right tool, but the wrong accessory, like when you have a standard drill machine but you use the wrong wood drill bit. The purpose of this article is to help you with the selection of the right wood drill bit for your job.

Use the Right Wood Drilling Bit 

There are different types of drill bits manufacturers use to increase product life and decrease friction. The Drill bits are composed of steel, tungsten, and molybdenum alloyed. 

It can be high-speed steel (HSS), HSS with a cobalt alloy, HSS with a titanium coating, HSS with a black oxide coating, or tipped carbide.

HSS, titanium coated, and black oxide coated drill bits are ideal for wood drilling. 

Before start drilling, You need to sure about two main aspects, Wood type, and the type of hole you require.

  • Know the Wood Nature – The two main categories of woods are softwoods and hardwoods. There is also a lot of variety in hardness between those categories. The type of wood makes a big difference in the choice of drill bits.

  • Drilling a soft pine wood with a regular drill bit is much easy and more smooth than drilling hardwood. You can drill softwood with steel (HSS) but for hardwood, You will need titanium or black oxide coating wood drill bits.


      Wood drill bits can vary because you can make so many projects with wood, and to satisfy those needs, they come in different sizes. If you're working on a wood project that requires a power drill then you must have the best drill bits for wood.

      Here are the most common types of wood drill bits that you need to know:

      • Twist Wood Bits
      • Brad Point Bits (Lip and spur)
      • Spade Bits
      • Auger Bits
      • Self Feed Bits
      • Countersink Bits
      • Forstner Bits
      • Hole saw
      • Masonry bit, etc.

      Twisted Bits

      The twist bit comes first when it comes to general drilling that is why it is known as "General drill bit." It is the most common type of bit used around the job site and home for general purposes. Twist bits can perform very effectively on softwood. Softwood may get trapped in the flutes, so gently scrape it by blowing it off or with a brush.

        Brad-point Bits

        Brad Point drill bits are specifically built to drill and bore clean holes without drifting in hard and softwoods. Such drill bits are equipped with a center screw. A Brad Point Drill bits provide a clean, straight, and accurate size wood hole.

          Spade Bits

          Spade bits quickly drill wood, plywood, and plastics. A spade bit is less expensive than other types of wood drill bits. These Bits are much effective to bore large holes (1/2” or greater). 

            Auger Bits

            Auger Bits are the most common drill bits to drill wood holes. Auger bits consist of a sharp point on their tip, which assists in drilling efficiency. This tip easily pulls the bit through the wood. An auger bit is a spiral-shaped drill bit intended to drill deep wood holes.

              Self-feed Bits 

              The self-feed bits also have a threaded tip like the auger bit that pulls it through the wood. It makes safe, easy work of drilling holes. The self-feed bits are used to bore medium and large holes.

                Installer Bits

                As the name refers to installing, these long, and skinny installer bits are best to use boreholes for electronic wires or similar applications.

                  Counter-sink Bits

                  Countersink bits are the second-most advanced drill bits. As they drill a pilot hole and countersink the hole, these bits do double duty, so the fastener head is below the surface of the wood.

                    Forstner Bits

                    Forstner bits are odd-looking bits that bore through wood. It creates a flat-bottomed hole. Forstner bits are like spade bits that have a small point at their center that works as a pivot point for the larger body of the bit.

                      Hole Saw

                      The hole saw has a wide diameter, hollow drill bit around the outer edge with a keen cutting tip. Hole saw kits creates accurate holes in bathroom basins, pipes, and exterior walls. The cutting depth is constrained by the cup-like shape of the hole saw.


                        We think it's obvious by now that what types of drill bits are best for wood and how to use the right wood drill bit.

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