What is an Abrasive Wheel and it's Types

November 05, 2020

Abrasive Wheel and It’s Types

What is an Abrasive Wheel and it's Types

What is an Abrasive Wheel?

They're quite powered wheels utilized in grinder machines in workshops. An abrasive wheel is formed of small abrasive particles like that of grit.

Grit or similar particles are imposed on the wheel by a unique bonding material to make wheel structures of various thicknesses.

Following are the main components of an abrasive wheel:

  • The size of the grit
  • Bonding of Coating Material
  • The grade of the wheel
  • Last, the structure of the wheel

The capability of an abrasive wheel is decided by the abrasive utilized in making the wheel. The hardness, toughness, and skill to chop sharp edges also are determined by the abrasive used.

The bonding material should be capable of resisting friction, shock, high temperatures, and other such forces, which may cause damage to the wheel.

Features of an Abrasive Wheel

  • The Wheel Structure Defines The Spacing Between Bonding Material And abrasive and, therefore, the Grade To Be Used.
  • The grade is decided by scaling the bonding material's strength to keep the abrasive particles when in use.
  • Two sorts of abrasive materials (soft and hard) are utilized in this procedure: Soft abrasive wheels are used on hard materials, and hard abrasive wheels are used on soft materials. 

The abrasive wheels are selected consistent with the following specifications:

  • The speed of the spindle machine.
  • Surface modification.
  • Area of contact between the wheel and therefore the material
  • The machine used.
  • The state of the wheel.

Types of Abrasive Wheel

Types of Abrasive Wheel


  • Straight Grinding Wheels
  • Cylinder or Wheel Ring
  • Tapered Grinding Wheels
  • Straight Cup
  • Dish Cup
  • Saucer Grinding Wheels

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    Abrasive Wheel Benefits:

    We know it by grinding because of the usage of solid abrasive wheels to shape or finish a specific material. the most benefits of using abrasive wheels are:

    • It can cut hardened steel.
    • It can produce smooth finishes.
    • The time taken is a smaller amount.
    • It can maintain accuracy in each case.
    • It requires little or no pressure.
    • These grinding machines are aptly fitted to cutting high-quality alloy steels.
    • Increased Grinding productivity.

    Usage of the Abrasive wheel is called Cutting wheel that gives more accuracy and smoother shapes and is far in demand lately compared to other grinding machines.

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