Can You Use A Belt Sander On A Deck

March 28, 2023

Can You Use A Belt Sander On A Deck

If you want to sand your deck but are unsure how long it would take and whether You can use a belt sander on a deck. Then you can figure that out with the aid of this guide.

For instance, a 25m2 deck typically requires 8 hours to sand using a belt sander. But a few things can impact how long it takes to sand your decking. The time it takes to sand your deck depends on three factors. Which are:

  • The condition of your deck's coating.
  • What kind of sander you're employing.
  • The dimensions of your deck.

The Condition Of Your Deck's Coating

Sanding your decking is simpler and quicker if the current coating is still in quite an excellent shape. Cleaning is far more difficult if your current coating has faded. Decking with a coating in good condition can simply be sanded to reveal wood that appears to have just been installed. Yet, decking with two discolored and absent layers in some places.

After sanding the faded top layer, you'll have a grey or black coating representing weather damage. This will also need to be removed with sanding, but it will take a little longer "working the sander about" to do so with the grey damage. Your deck will look dark and patchy if you don't adequately sand it off.

What Kind Of Sander Are You Using?

If you're going to sand back your deck by hand, you should generally use an orbital sander for the edges and a belt sander for the rest of the deck. Not every sander is created equally. The type of sander you use can significantly impact how long it takes to sand your decking.

Experts advise using a Makita belt sander. But if you don't want to pay that much, You can choose Ozito.

A tool like the Ozito might be enough for a single modest deck, but the top-of-the-line Makita sander would make the job go much faster. These less expensive tools do the job, but they don't perform as well as trade-quality tools, in my experience. To complete the task, you might always hire a stand-up orbital sander.

The issue with the larger stand-up sanders is that your decking boards frequently develop a slight cup. Or decking that is positioned unevenly. The likelihood is that you won't even notice it until you begin sanding.

With these large sanders, it's challenging to adequately sand these boards. Using a belt sander is much simpler and more efficient. Or, you may combine the two. Consider using a perfect sanding belt for belt sander.

The Dimensions Of Your Deck

Of course, the length of time it takes to sand your deck will depend on the size of your deck. But, if you aren't used to sanding decking, it may be an unpleasant task that will leave your knees hurting, your back screaming, and your abs tight.

You might require more frequent breaks to give your body time to heal. That can result in you having to sand your deck twice as long. Get some knee protectors if you decide to sand the deck by hand. The inexpensive ones will function fairly well if you only use them for your deck.

Can You Sand A Deck With A Belt Sander?

One of the best ways to sand your deck is with a belt sander. Hence, "yes," you can unquestionably use a belt sander on a deck. So make sure you head towards the woods. Sanding over the wood will leave large dirt and scuffs across your deck. Avoid doing this.